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Of the 89 forest established by Roger Dickie 68 are partnerships.  A partnership is typically made up with between 25 and 35 investors and offers economy of scale to a group of individual investors. Partners own an undivided share of the freehold land.

The average investment is a 4% share with a minimum being a 1% share. 

In 2008 New Zealand introduced Limited Partnerships (LP).  The advantages of a Limited Partnership structure means you get the benefit of limited liability and also receive the tax benefits of forest establishment and management.

Land purchase is generally funded over 3 years after which the forest  is debt free and the partners own an unencumbered freehold forest. Your investment is backed by the security of land ownership.

All forests are insured for fire, wind throw and public liability giving investors peace of mind.

Annual General Meetings are held at your forest each year and regular newsletters and reports are sent out.

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