Granity Forest Limited

Granity Forest Limited was the 56th forest established by Roger Dickie (N.Z.) Ltd.

The forest is located at Sherenden on the Napier Taihape road 34kms west of the city and port of Napier. The forest was planted in 1996 with GF 17 and GF 19 Radiata Pine seedlings and has a net stocked area of 269 hectares. The forest has been managed to a high standard having been pruned to 6.5 meters and thinned.

The forest is owned by Granity Forest Limited. Shares in Granity were issued in units of 5,000 shares with each unit equating to approximately 1 ha of trees. The forest is forecast to be harvested in 2024 and is neighboured by Stonehouse and Castle Peak forests.

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Forestry Investment

With the world population increasing at an alarming rate, global demand for timber products is also increasing. However the global supply of millable timber is falling. Investing in New Zealand forestry is a secure and sustainable way to grow your wealth.
New Zealand’s competitive advantage is we have some of the world’s fastest growth rates with forests growing 750 tonnes of harvestable logs per hectare in just 26 years.
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Overseas Investors

Roger Dickie New Zealand Limited specialises in finding, securing and developing the best farm and forest opportunities on behalf of investors and overseas clients.
Our role is to act as independent agent for our clients, we find them the best farms and forest properties that are available and provide management and administration services. All investments are backed by the security of land ownership.
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Investment Options


New Zealand: 0800 FOREST (0800 367 378)
or +64 6 3465 329

USA/Canada: 1877 330 3079

UK: 0800 0809 12628


Dairy Farm Investments

Blessed with the ideal climate, New Zealand is perfect for pastoral farming, growing healthy livestock for the production of dairy products and meat.
New Zealand farmers are among the most efficient in the world and there are no Government subsidies for agriculture. Our grass based animal production systems, combined with the use of world leading technology, minimises labour inputs and generates maximum productivity.
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