Overseas Investors

International investors have recognised the competitive advantages of New Zealand and have invested heavily in the New Zealand forestry and farming industry. Roger Dickie New Zealand Ltd enables individual investors to access the industry at any level and share in the wealth that forestry and dairy farming brings to New Zealand.

Many international investors have chosen to diversify their investments by adding Roger Dickie New Zealand Ltd forestry to their portfolio. In addition to owning their own forest, investors enjoy the benefits of the excellent hunting and fishing reserves contained within our forests. Our dairy farms also offer similar opportunities.
New Zealand maintains reciprocal tax relationships with many countries which simplifies the tax positions for investors. The expenses of establishing and managing your forest are tax deductible against other New Zealand income. If the investor has no other New Zealand income the tax benefits can be accumulated and retained for use against the income when the forest  is harvested. 
New Zealand has a stable government with liberal economic policies; and a motivated and highly skilled workforce. Our international investors have found establishing their forestry investment and transferring funds to New Zealand to be straight forward and secure. 
O.I.0 (0verseas Investment Office - OIO)

Because the ownership of a forest or farm involves land ownership, international (non New Zealand nationals) investors wishing to invest in a private forestry or farm development need to obtain approval from the New Zealand Overseas Investment Office (OIO, a New Zealand Government agency). Roger Dickie New Zealand Ltd assists investors with this process. To date all applications have been approved. 

Up to 24.9% of a partnership can be owned by overseas investors without requiring Overseas Investment Office consent. 
The last three forests established by Roger Dickie NZ (ltd) have been for Family Offices in Europe. They have identified New Zealand Competitive Advantages as below:
  • There is no better place on earth to grow trees.
  • A stable and developed economy.
  • Strongly benefits from the developing economies of Asia.
  • Highly developed forestry industry and infrastructure.
  • Forestry is the third biggest export earner.
  • An Emissions Trading Scheme giving additional income.
  • Foreign Investment is welcomed.


We have investors from the following countries:
USA, Sweden, Finland, Canada, Denmark, Scotland, Holland, Hungary, Northern Ireland, Germany, Japan, England, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Australia, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, Taiwan, Qatar Lao , Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, Bouganville, South Africa, Papua New Guinea and France.
On Request we can put you in touch with Investors in your country.

Latest Investment Options

EASTBOURNE DAIRY FARM LIMITED - 242 hectares of prime dairy country milking 520 cows in Southland

An opportunity exists to invest in Eastbourne Dairy Farm Limited which owns and operates a 242.1 hectare dairy farm and adjacent grazing run off located in the Thornbury district of Southland, 25 km northwest of Invercargill.

Thornbury is a well known and proven dairy area in Southland with a reliable climate and good soils.

The property has been well farmed. No new capital expenditure is required other than annual repairs and maintenance. There are three houses on the property.

Eastbourne Dairy Farm will use a pasture based farming system, relying on minimum input from off farm supplements.

Eastbourne Dairy Farm has purchased a high quality 520 cow herd capable of meeting the farm's production targets.

Production is forecast to increase with no significant changes to farm operating expenses.

Fertile, Easy Contour: The layout is flat to gentle contour, with good permanent electric fencing and regular fertiliser history.

June 2014 update

Roger visited the Eastbourne Diary Farm in early June to ensure that the takeover of the property went as planned and was pleased with the way the farm was looking. Southland has had a very mild autumn so far and as a result we are still seeing strong pasture growth which can only benefit the winter feed supply.

Subscriptions are going well for Eastbourne Dairy Farm Limited, at the time of writing. Investments range from the minimum of $25,000 up to $1 million.

Eastbourne Dairy Farm Limited is offered as a Limited Company. More Information

SECONDARY MARKET SHARES - Investments from $25,000 to $200,000

With over 2500 Investors, we have shares in our established farms and forests for sale. These forests range from 8 to 15 years to harvest - see our current shares for sale.

Forestry Investment

With the world population increasing at an alarming rate, global demand for timber products is also increasing. However the global supply of millable timber is falling. Investing in New Zealand forestry is a secure and sustainable way to grow your wealth.
New Zealand’s competitive advantage is we have some of the world’s fastest growth rates with forests growing 750 tonnes of harvestable logs per hectare in just 26 years.
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Overseas Investors

Roger Dickie New Zealand Limited specialises in finding, securing and developing the best farm and forest opportunities on behalf of investors and overseas clients.
Our role is to act as independent agent for our clients, we find them the best farms and forest properties that are available and provide management and administration services. All investments are backed by the security of land ownership.
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Investment Options

Email: invest@rogerdickie.co.nz

New Zealand: 0800 FOREST (0800 367 378)
or +64 6 3465 329

USA/Canada: 1877 330 3079

UK: 0800 0809 12628


Dairy Farm Investments

Blessed with the ideal climate, New Zealand is perfect for pastoral farming, growing healthy livestock for the production of dairy products and meat.
New Zealand farmers are among the most efficient in the world and there are no Government subsidies for agriculture. Our grass based animal production systems, combined with the use of world leading technology, minimises labour inputs and generates maximum productivity.
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