Following on from our successful conference in 2014 we are pleased to advise that we are holding another Harvest and Beyond conference in October 2017. The aim is to inform and educate you the investor on what lies ahead for your forest as we look to harvest and the next rotation!

Conference Schedule


Friday, 27th October 2017

16.00 Registration opens at the Napier Conference Centre

17.30 Informal get together with a cash bar available


Saturday, 28th October 2017

08.15 Registration continues

09.00 Welcome and overview by Roger Dickie

09.15 Setting the Scene by Steve Bell and Rory Bennison (Forest Management (NZ) Ltd)

10.00 Morning tea

10.20  The Transformation of Taranakipine by Tom Boon (Taranakipine)

10.50 Export Market Summary - The Future is Bright by Paul Burridge (Summit Forests)

11.20 The Next Rotation by Roger Dickie

12.00 Lunch

13.00 Depart for site visits (see summary of visit options below)

16.30 Return to venue

18.15 Pre-dinner drinks, mix and mingle

19.00 Dinner

The after dinner speaker is Matthew Hooton



Conference Speakers


Roger Dickie is Managing Director of Roger Dickie NZ Ltd. He is Chairman and director of 76 rural investment partnerships and companies and is the executive director and spokesman for the Kyoto Forestry Association. Since 1971 Roger Dickie has coordinated and developed 91 rural investment syndicates for New Zealand and overseas investors. These cover an area of more than 29,500 ha and are located in the North and South Island. Roger will be giving an introduction to the weekend and speaking on options surrounding your harvest moving forward.


Steve Bell is Forest Manager and joint CEO of Forest Management NZ Ltd (FMNZ). Steve has over 26 years’ experience in forest operations and has worked for the company since 1992.  Steve is involved with all forest operations in Gisborne, Wairoa, Napier, Wanganui and Otago.  He has been involved with the day to day management of the partnerships since the early years, and for most has seen them develop from their inception.  Steve has always placed a high emphasis on transparency and prides himself on what the FMNZ team have achieved over the years.  He looks forward to the unique challenges the future brings as the team embark on the harvesting phase.


Rory Bennison is Technical Forester for Forest Management NZ Ltd. Rory has been with FMNZ since 2000, having been involved from the ground up as a field supervisor he has seen the partnerships transition from young plantings to where they are today.  Rory is responsible for the FMNZ Land information system, Inventory and anything with a technical nature.  Rory will provide an operational overview on the harvesting process and illustrate the issues relating to harvesting and boundaries.


Tom Boon has been a part of the New Zealand forest industry for over 25 years.  He joined Taranakipine in 2007 as CEO and part owner after a long career within corporate forestry and wood processing companies in both NZ and Australia.  Originally starting his career as a forester, Tom after a few years became interested in the conversion of the trees he was growing into high value finished wood products.  This interest has not waned and Tom now leads Taranakipine which specialises in the manufacturing and marketing of engineered pine building products sold to both local and export markets.  His ambition for a successful and durable NZ wood manufacturing industry has led him to also become actively involved in the Wood Processors and Manufacturers Association.


Paul Burridge is the Head of Export and Regional Operations for Summit Forests New Zealand Ltd, a large forest owner in the Far North with significant forest and log export operations throughout the North Island.  Summit Forests is 100% owned by Sumitomo Corporation of Japan.  One of the world’s largest and most successful trading houses. Paul studied Forestry at the University of Canterbury, completing a Bachelor of Forestry Science.  He has held a number of roles within the industry encompassing both public and private sector organisations. Paul’s experience covers forest operations, export certification, regulation and international negotiation, forest management certification and audit, export operations and management. Paul also sits on the Executive Council for the NZ Forest Owners’ Association and on the Forest Industry Safety Council (FISC).


Matthew Hooton has over 25 years' experience in corporate and public-sector communications, including for the New Zealand Government and the country's most influential companies. Matthew is well known in political circles and by the public for his role as a political commentator on Radio New Zealand and as a columnist for the National Business Review and Metro magazine. He maintains strong relations with senior figures across the political spectrum.


Steve Bell and Rory Bennison - FMNZ

Steve and Rory will be giving a presentation on how harvest happens, how big the task is, what happens in the planning process, when you get paid, who we sell your logs to and provide an insight into how your investment is managed through harvest to ensure maximum return. They will cover off points including:

·         the size of the task at hand

·         managing the wall of wood

·         challenges within the forestry industry - retaining crews, health and safety, environmental factors

·         economies of scale benefit

·         use of technology

·         managing log prices through your 2-3 year harvest

·         social and environmental licence to harvest

·         replanting


Paul Burridge - Summit Forestry

Paul Burridge is Head of Export and Regional Operations for Summit Forestry, one of the exporting companies that we currently supply your logs to. He has a great insight to the export sector, the effects of China in the market, and where Sumitomo corporation sees the future of forestry.

Discussion includes the development of automated timber processing in China, the burgeoning middle class and their movement away from MDF or 'fake wood' to real timber furniture. The complete stop of harvesting their own native timber has meant new ports have been specifically developed to import and process timber. 

Tom Boon - Taranakipine

Tom is the CEO of Taranakipine, a progressive sawmill based in New Plymouth. Taranakipine produce and supply a comprehensive range of structural finger jointed and whole timber products around the world.

They use leading technology and automation to develop a range of engineered and traditional timber products. Tom is passionate about the uses and development of engineered timber products and the opportunities that are being presented for the use of logs as customers move towards cheaper, quicker and environmentally sustainable methods of construction.

Roger Dickie - The Next Rotation

For a long time partners have been considering what happens after the trees are harvested. This is something that we have been considering and discussing with partners over the last few years. This discussion led by Roger will talk about options post harvest. We'll discuss all the options including:

·         why we replant

·         what are best species, are there any new Radiata pine varieties

·         what happens with any liability free NZUs

·         how the next rotation can be prefunded

·         expected returns

·         pruning vs. unpruning regime.

·         what happens if you want to exit the investment

We will have a working example of a forest that has done the due diligence on the next rotation and will be able to share some of those workings and discussions with you.

This is certainly not a new topic, but something that is of interest to our partners as they gear up to harvest and address how that can leave an asset for the next generation. Questions and answers will follow.

Minister of Forestry

To be confirmed. The minister of Forestry has agreed to speak at the conference, however they cannot commit until after the general election.

Matthew Hooton - After Dinner Speaker

Matthew has over 25 years' experience in corporate and public-sector communications, including for the New Zealand Government and the country's most influential companies.

He began his career as a press secretary to the New Zealand trade, agriculture and deputy finance minister before consulting to PricewaterhouseCoopers business continuity team working on Y2K related projects, including the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, ANZ, Westpac, National Australia Bank and the New Zealand Treasury.

At 28, he played a lead role in the government relations and communications programmes that led to the creation of Fonterra, becoming the company's first head of communications, managing the announcements of all senior executives, the first election to the Board of Directors and announcements of new ventures with partners in Europe, North and South America and India.

Matthew has also led a wide range of government relations programmes including ones where government/industry partnerships were sought, such as with ZESPRI International, or where legislative change was sought as with the Kyoto Forestry Association.

Matthew is well known in political circles and by the public for his role as a political commentator on Radio New Zealand and as a columnist for the National Business Review and Metro magazine. He maintains strong relations with senior figures across the political spectrum.

Matthew worked closely with the Kyoto Forestry Association and in particular Roger Dickie from 2006 to 2009 as he (Matthew) provided all the strategic planning for the KFA campaign to retain ownership of carbon credits in the name of forest owners.  As you know, we were 100% successful with that campaign.

Field Trip Options


We have arranged 2 exciting field trips for the afternoon of Saturday 28th, these field trips will commence after lunch.

Working Skid and Logging Site


This is your opportunity to visit a working logging operation at Tangoio Forest.

There are 2 haulers operations working close to each other. An interesting exercise as your forest moves closer to harvest.

Please ensure you bring sturdy footwear and warm clothing.

 Wine Tour and Tasting

   Enjoy a relaxing classic wine tour from Bay Tours and Charters Hawkes Bay. The tour will take you around 3-4 wineries and end with a delicious gourmet cheeseboard.

The price pp is $50.00.

Thank you to all our sponsors who have made the conference possible.

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